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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are these records?
All offered records are of new manufacture, featuring cutting edge cylinder technology.

How authentic is the transfer?
All selections are direct transfers from the original old media sources without altering the content. We strictly use an all-electric transfer process both for playback of the source and recording of the master. The reproduction on your phonograph will be close as possible, just as you were playing the original record by yourself.

What type of phonograph do I require?
All currently available cylinders are in Edison standard format. You just have to pay attention to the 2-minute and 4-minute groove which is mentioned with each record. Most phonographs play 2-minute cylinders, and there are many hybrid machines in use. However, there are also many 4-minute only phonographs around (like Amberola phonographs). Please inquire if uncertain.

How long do these cylinders last?
These cylinders are made of a special and very tough resin that provides an enormous handling safety. Normal handling and playing should not affect their general quality within many years.

What is the correct playback speed?
Unless it is clearly stated, the standard speed of 160 revolutions per minute is the correct one.

What does 'cylinder mould no.' mean?
Because of the limited production quantity we decided to number each cylinder individually with a continueous number. The lowest serial numbers are always used for test moulds and are not available. Due to further quality assurance tests, we normally start the issues at number 6 to 8.

Will there be other realeses too?
Yes, we in are preperation for future issues and will publish the related information as soon as the respective title is ready for dispatch.

What does 'out of production' mean?
In order to make space for new exciting titles, some previously released cylinders are discontinued.